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6 Degrees Studios is now proud to offer web hosting and domain registration services!

Why Enter a Market That is Already Saturated?

Yes, there are literally hundreds (maybe even thousands) of companies that provide hosting services in one form or another. They all are constantly running promotions or trying to one-up each other to gain new customers.

We realized today’s consumers are not just looking for a good option that meets their needs, but a great one that also supports the social responsibility so dear to their hearts.

Enter, green data centers.

Greener is Cleaner

It is no secret that every website needs to be hosted on a server, with the majority housed in giant data centers, consuming vast amounts of energy. Over 50% of said energy is dedicated solely towards cooling and air conditioning.

We at 6 Degrees Studios have partnered with green data centers in both New York City and Los Angeles that decided to go down a different route in 2010 and provide an eco-friendly alternative.

Traditional data centers rely solely on Computer Air Room Conditioners (CRAC), cooling and recirculating the hot air generated by the servers. The data centers we have partnered with utilize Outside Air Cooling (OAC) technology that vents the hot air outside and brings cooler air in. The only time CRACs are used is when the outside temperature or humidity are too high.

This advanced technology reduces costs by 70% and reduces the data centers’ carbon output by more than 2,000 tons per year!

So, why aren’t other data centers taking advantage of this?

It’s Not a Magic Unicorn

We aren’t really sure why other data centers have yet to utilize OACs. It saves energy, money, and is a great feature to offer for socially-conscious consumers. This whole model is replicatable, so perhaps there simply isn’t the consumer demand that would justify the cost to switch over. Businesses logically invest in where there is the greatest demand, or at least the prospect thereof.

Whether you choose us for your web hosting, or are even in need of a new web host, please share that environmentally-friendly data centers are a reality and having been doing quite well for over 10 years. The more people that know about this model will (hopefully) result in them inquiring with their current hosts. Eventually, web host providers will see that there is a great enough need for a green solution to warrant them switching over to OACs.


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